Comparing Openstack vs AWS to Tesla vs Edison

After reading this article I realized the current situation between AWS (public cloud) vs Private cloud (IBM/Cisco/HP/Dell-EMC) is very similar to the Electricity landscape in mid-1800’s ending in the War of the Currents in late 1800’s (AC vs DC)

Let me explain my point in this analogy: before electricity was discovery, manufacturing used natural power (water, air and animals) to create movement that was transferred inside the factory to help process goods using belts and chains. When electricity appeared, an Electrical generator was used as a power source, copper cables transferred electrical power to machines, and increased productivity and the density of workers, with reduced maintenance for the machinery.

So eventually every factory had its own coal-powered electrical generator (i.e. x86 servers nowadays), and line workers used their machines (i.e. computers) that required the energy that came via the copper wires (i.e. internet or VPN access).

Then the Power Grid was invented, and the industry wanted to shutdown their small electrical generators and leverage the bigger power grid. Outsourcing servers to AWS (public cloud) is like connecting the factory to the power grid (public electricity), but there were no standards for that in late 1800s, hence the Edison (DC) vs Tesla (AC) war.

In this case, Amazon is Edison, the greedy inventor, with lock-in in his veins (DC was patented). Tesla is Openstack, a generous inventor with open APIs and specs to build your own special sauce on top of a good-enough standard (60Hz, 110V, but easily changeable to 50Hz, 220V)

We’re seeing the struggle of Industries outsourcing their power generators and connecting it to the grid (i.e. the cloud). But there is the Monopoly way (Edison), and the Open way (Tesla)

Let OpenStack be the Tesla here, it will help the ‘Tech Giants’ to fight the good battle (Interconnected Private clouds using Openstack) and provide better services to the Industry.

Marcos Garcia, an OpenStack enthusiast